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President: Robin Watkins
Vice President: Sariah Asher
Secretary: Crystal Mayer
Treasurer: Toni Hughes

Trapper Creek Community Council
Email: trappercreek2010@gmail.com
This organization promotes the general well being of the community and supports community efforts by:
1.Providing a central channel of communication between groups and individuals within and outside the community.
2.Promoting studies, surveys and other activities to determine the current and future needs of the community.
3.Coordinating and encouraging voluntary cooperation and participation in establishing programs to meet the community needs.

Trapper Creek Community Services
Phone & Fax: 733-7375
Email: tccommunityservices@yahoo.com

Trapper Creek Community Services is a public non-profit corporation that is comprised of members of the Trapper Creek community. A board of directors is elected by members to govern the affairs of the organization. We have ownership of the community building, park and cemetery. The park consists of seventy acres and the cemetery is twenty acres. Funds are raised to support projects that will benefit the community by hosting the annual Cabin Fever Reliever each spring.

Trapper Creek Elementary School
6742 E Petersville Road
Address: P.O. Box 13108
Trapper Creek, Alaska 99683
ph 733-9451 fax 733-9480
Principal: Allison Wall Admin. Secretary: Juliah DeLoach

Trapper Creek Library
Location: 8901 Devonshire Road, Trapper Creek
PO Box 13388
Trapper Creek Alaska 99683
Phone: 861-7650
Email: TrapperCreek.Library@matsugov.us

Trapper Creek Fireweed Arts Council
Email: tcfireweedarts@hotmail.com
Mission Statement: To Promote, encourage, and enhance music and art opportunities in the Upper Matanuska/Susitna Valley. The T.C.F.A.C. is a non-profit 501 C (3) corporation registered within the State of Alaska.
1. Conducts an annual festival at the Trapper Creek Community Park to promote local artisan's, musicians and food vendors. Thus, encouraging tourists and local folks to enjoy the unique flavor of our community.
2. Promotes, through the purchase of guitars and local volunteers, guitar and music lessons at the T.C. Elementary school, on a yearly basis.
3. Invites artisans to conduct classes, seminars and demonstrations in Trapper Creek.


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